Peaceable Kingdom Numbers Bingo

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Numbers Bingo by MindWare’s Peaceable Kingdom has an educational twist on a classic game. Match up the number tokens with the spaces that show the corresponding number of ladybugs, bananas and other colourful items on the bingo cards. Win by being the first to cover four squares in a row and call out “Bingo!” The guide includes even more ways to play.

This bingo game includes 6 double-sided playing boards, 48 object tokens that feature colourful numbers, a canvas carrying bag, and plastic chips for covering your Bingo board. The “caller” randomly chooses a number token from the bag and says the number aloud. Players then place their plastic chip on the matching animal group.

Bingo is a great game to help children learn number recognition, counting, and number/object association. 

Age recommendation: 4 years +