Magnoidz Galileo Thermometer

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The Magnoidz ‘Galileo Thermometer’ science experiment kit allows children to make their own Galileo Thermometer with this fun and interactive kit! Learn how a Galileo Thermometer works by performing temperature, volume, and density experiments!

In this interactive science experiment kit, you can learn about physics as you make your very own Galileo Thermometer!

A Galileo Thermometer is a device that measures air temperature by using small bottles which float or sink in a liquid such as oil or water.

Learn how your thermometer works by performing temperature, volume and density experiments with the objects included in your kit!

What’s in the box?

Educational Resource Booklet Inside

1 x large bottle; 3 x small bottles; 1 x liquid crystal thermometer sticker; 3 x glass beads (40 pieces); 3 x bags of marbles (red, blue, green).

​Recommended Age Range: 6 years+