Jellycat Bashful Bunny Assorted Small

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Jellycat Soft Toys

A range of super soft gorgeous Jellycat bunnies. Each sold separately

Hyacinth - Bashful Lilac Bunny is very attentive - she tilts her head to hear all the best tales and readies her yummy-soft purply ears.
A delightful lassie in flower-bright fur, she wants to go everywhere.
And when she’s tired, she's eady for another bedtime story.

Lemon - Bashful Lemon Bunny sure is sweet! Her ears are soft and floppy, and her nose is ready to be kissed.

Fudge - Bashful Fudge Bunny looks sweet enough to eat right up! But far better to hug and hold this scrumptious, lop-eared lovely. Gentle, squishy and all-round adorable, with buffly bobtail and squeezy paws!

Petal - A powder-pink, blush-nosed bunny – what could be better to cuddle up to? Bashful Petal Bunny is as soft as rose petals, and sports a puffy white cloud of a tail. Go on and give this snuffly silly a squeeze!