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Any child who loves to build things and has a creative spark is going to love this Construct It Mini SUV Explorer. It is part of the exciting Construct It range that is all about kids having creative fun with real tools!

At 125 pieces, the Construct It Mini SUV Explorer is one of the more compact sets in the Construct It range. This makes it an ideal “first-set” for a child or as a little extra addition if they already have a collection. This is one very cool looking SUV that is ready to take on any kind of terrain that is in front of it. However, before that can happy, it needs to be built. A huge part of the fun of this series is not the playing with the toy, but the construction of it. This set is made with real metal pieces and inside the box is a mini toolkit that children will use to put this together! This is far more fun and cooler than snapping bricks together! Each set in the Construct It range features an easy-to-follow instruction booklet.

While there is no denying that the SUV is super cool! Another cool aspect of the Construct It series is that it is heavily influenced by the principles of STEM learning. This means children will be learning as they play. They will actually be learning the basics of engineering and getting a better grasp on how things are made. They will have to follow instructions, use their hand-eye coordination, and even a bit of creativity as they put this together.

Key Features:

Children will be learning the basics of engineering with this set
It comes with a cool and practical tool kit
Everything needed to make this SUV comes inside the box
This is one of the more affordable sets in the Construct It range
Children can use their creativity and imagination to make other things with the pieces

Suitable for ages 8 and up.