Construct IT - Excavator

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Learn engineering skills with the awesome Construct-It! – Excavator! There are many construction based sets and toys on the market right now, but none do what Construct It does. Learning-based fun is what is on offer here.

Fun will certainly be had as the powerful excavator is being put together. It can be played with or it would even look amazing as it sits with pride on a shelf. Part of what makes it look so great is the fact that it is made with shiny and cool looking nickel-plated alloy. 

Putting together the Construct-It! – Excavator is extra fun as there is no just snapping together of blocks here. Instead, you get to use the real tools provided and follow some very simple instructions. Before you know it, you have an excavator ready for action and to tackle any job that is on hand. While this is a whole lot of fun, basic engineering skills will be learned as the set is being put together. The Construct It line prides itself on STEM learning and it does it better than most. 

 At 117 pieces this is an ideal first Construct It set that will provide a challenge, but at the same time also be fun and something a would-be engineer can put together themselves. Learning can be fun and the Construct-It! 

Key Features:

Bring to life a cool excavator
117 high quality pieces
Made with nickel-plated alloy
Construct It uses actual real tools
STEM learning!
Simple to understand instructions

Suitable for ages 8 and up.